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How to Get Started with Suitesheet.io for Netsuite

Suitesheet.io was created by Archer Consulting to help facilitate your Netsuite reporting by allowing users to work with Netsuite data in Google Sheets via saved searches. This data can be updated to Netsuite from the sheet and be used to generate charts, pivots and more in Google. In order to...

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How Suitesheet.io Can Streamline the Google Merchant Services Process

Netsuite provides a great solution to the customization of reports through the use of saved searches, however, for many, the solution ends there. Suitesheet.io allows Netsuite users to take their saved searches and customized reports to the next level, by allowing further manipulation and integration with other useful tools.  Introducing...

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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! This is the very beginning of what will hopefully be an informative space to share tips, ideas, and solutions around Netsuite and other technologies. Thank you for viewing and please reach out to us if you’re not satisfied with a solution you’re getting. Our goal...

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