How Can Streamline the Google Merchant Services Process

Netsuite provides a great solution to the customization of reports through the use of saved searches, however, for many, the solution ends there. allows Netsuite users to take their saved searches and customized reports to the next level, by allowing further manipulation and integration with other useful tools. 

Introducing to an existing Netsuite platform provides a much easier way to streamline the process of uploading existing Netsuite data, like a long inventory list, to Google Merchant Services. 

In the example below, an inventory list loaded from Netsuite along with the results set within the saved search in Netsuite now become auto-populated columns and rows in a Google Sheet. Once the search is uploaded into a Google Sheet, it will continue to auto-update, so there’s no worry about the search being up-to-date.

This inventory sheet now becomes a template dataset to be used more efficiently outside of Netsuite. This template allows the dataset to be mapped to any other saved search being loaded from Netsuite into a new tab within the same Google Sheets Project, much like this example.

The capability of mapping an inventory list (template) to a Netsuite Data (Google) dataset, is possible with a single Google Sheets function. 

The mapped dataset can now easily be integrated with Google Merchant Services through the use of Google Sheet’s feature to publish individual sheets as an CSV file. This feature allows any saved searches within to be published as CSV files. gives Netsuite users the power to do more with their saved searches, resulting in extensive possibilities. 

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